the circle of nirvana


Welcome to the Ze world, where art, inspired by Feng Shui, brings joy, meaning and harmony.

Ze's philosophy is : do well and do some good for yourself.

Ze's advice is : there's only one life, make yours exceptional.

Ze's offers are : beneficial creations, because you're unique.

Ze loves you!

Why "Ze"?

The painter, Mark Rothko, wrote,"There's always light in the middle of the night and art can portray this light".
As for me*, it all started in Brussels in 1975 at the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Museum of Fine Arts),
while standing in front of Magritte's "L'empire des Lumières" ("The Empire of Light"), which shows a house in the darkness of the night.
Warm light filtered through the windows, making you want to go in, but I just stayed outside, gazing in fascination.
Then I looked up at the sky and saw it was blue-it was day! "Art has something that words just can't say", explains the film director, Isy Morgensztern.

This is how the light or art came into my life in 1975.
Ze is 75 in Greek numbers.
Z is the last letter or the alphabet, new Omega, which is one thousand billion billion, or a trillion (10007).

e, epsilon, is a symbol or accurate calculation, belonging to a set or transition, needing no human intervention. Moreover, "e" is an exponential, irrational and transcendental.

* Lætitia Crahay-Tyl, founder of Ze Art Galerie.

the delighted face of Laetitia Crahay-Tyl

Laetitia Crahay-Tyl

1960s :
Born on a freezing-cold day in Brussels, Belgium

1970s :
Laetitia was brought up in the freedom of the "Peace and Love" years, in an intellectually-rich environment. She acquired her interest in science from her solar mother and her interest in art from her lunar father, who liked to associate with decadent Belgian artists. Laetitia's free time was taken up with home decorating and David Bowie music.

1980s :
She dropped out of her studies in medicine after winning "La Course autour du Monde" ("Race around the world"), a TV competition. There followed a year or film-making and televised reports for French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian TV channels.
"What a breath of fresh air! it was my personal revolution", says Laetitia.
Work then followed for the radio, television, press and PR agencies in Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris.

1990s :
Australia and Japan, discovering expatriate life and picture upon picture, all full of feeling, from Aboriginal Art to Hokusai paintings.

2000 :
Rather than backtracking, it was more a new start after meeting the sculptrice par excellence,Virginie Bassetti, in the heart of Normandy.

2001 : The Odyssey took off, with the first order for a monumental work in bronze.

2009 : Launch of Ze Art Galerie, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

2010 : Laetitia Crahay-Tyl warmly welcomes you to Ze art boutique at 13 rue du dragon, Paris, to present Virginie Bassetti's exclusive creations, as well as those by other up-and-coming young artists.

The pool of artists is getting larger, and we exhibit in several Art Fairs, in France and abroad

2012 : Ze Art Galerie will be opening a brand new gallery in Dinard, Brittany, in addition to the parisian space.