Nadine Vergues

Nadine Vergues Coming from the Beaux-Arts in Sète (a good year with the Combas generation!) and then Toulouse, Nadine Vergues is gradually moving away from a painting format to stripping walls. She’s an unclassifiable visual artist, who uses every wooden and metal tool in her studio, right up to a soldering iron, to transform and grind new identity into her subject. But what exactly are her sculptures made of? At first glance, I thought ceramic, but it was quite a surprise to touch one, as it was light and did not break - it was made of fibres! You really need unbelievable freedom and an incredible talent in experimentation and creation to transform industrial felt that’s been recycled from waste into poetic works that are both exceptionally elegant and very modern. She patiently cuts this felt into thousands of tiny cells, which she then joins together one by one, to give birth to enigmatic and fascinating characters. The three qualities of presence, lightness and solidity, which are the sign of great sages, emerge from her human and animal figures to give a measure of pleasure in our interior decoration!