Plump girls

My “Mimis” are more than just ornaments – they’re a presence in the house! Someone said her Mimi feels at home on the mantelpiece, while someone else said she always wishes hers a good morning. This presence they radiate is the driving force for my creations. They appear in my hands: physical, fleshy, serene and happy in simple and moving real-life poses. As they emerge from the clay, my "Mimis" quickly assume their independence and individuality to strike a chord with you. For me, it’s as Giacometti once said: "The thrill is in seeing something new happen every day". I hope my "Mimis" will be, as Rodin once said, "the smile of the human soul on the house and the furniture”. Like my sculptures, Ze art boutique is warm and welcoming. You’ll find nothing but my best artist’s proofs there.