Galadriel Gestin

More than life

Galadriel Gestin was born in 1980 on a Bordeaux-Nantes train. Like the heroes in video games, who have several lives, he reappears, despite the scars. His eye captures, captivates and examines in a questioning way, which draws on the meaning and absurdity of life. Love refuses to die in the chaos and expression fights death. Galadriel Gestin is an all-round artist, who uses strength, energy and sensitivity. His music enriches his paintings and his paintings colour his music. There´s no dispersal at all and everything works towards expressing one world - his world. He shares a very personal world with the generosity of those who´ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. «My approach is the opposite to that of photography», he says. He throws all the past, present, future, dreams and nightmares into his paintings, with no stone unturned in his life. It´s pure feeling in colour. Don´t be frightened or scared of entering Galadriel´s world, because you´ll come out of it more alive.

"Galadriel Gestin" Video on Youtube: click here!