Annick Argant

Annick Argant has found shelter from the madness of time and people on the Armorican island of Brehat, where she can breathe peacefully again. She sculpts equilibrium in the body, which she doesn't think she has herself. She knows only too well the price you pay when you lose this balance, to then reach equilibrium in the soul, albeit temporarily, having put time on hold or at a standstill, with no otherness, because everything's been mixed together and transcended into sublime unity! This is Annick Argant's own quest and how she succeeds, knowing she's with us on the road. She'll offer us a work, and the search for its equilibrium can be read directly, or she'll perhaps offer a superb masterpiece of a silent sculpture of concentrated spiritual achievement, where the perfect shape emerges after years of work. Annick Argant's works are filled with her meditation and love of all creation. She's fragile and her work is powerful. « I like to imagine a better world and aspire to this every day, even if I see that man-made situations revolve round violence, modern slavery and disregard for nature and animals. My sculptures help me rise above my own aggression » , she says. « I sculpt the being I'm looking for. On a higher level, you always have to simplify for the infinite poem of life » , she adds. Her works have since been conceived in an ever increasing minimalist spirit. Annick Argant has been sculpting since 1983 and she won an award from the Académie Française des Beaux-Arts at an exhibition in the Grand Palais in Paris.